Sony xperia u 3d review

Interestingly, the colour of the strip changes automatically when browsing through the gallery or listening to music. A dedicated camera key has been added to power on the 5MP camera that takes some time to get used to. The images captured during daylight were crisp, but there was a lot of noise in low-light photos. The p video capture was also about average.

Sony Xperia U Price in India

The audio playback was good though. Surprisingly, it is one of the most affordable smartphones to be powered by a 1Ghz dual-core processor. The overall performance is decent. Browsing was smooth as was switching between apps. The Xperia U still runs on Android v2. Noise levels are a little high, but colors rendering is quite close to reality. Sony Xperia U camera samples. The Xperia U manages good macro images as well.

Sony Xperia U review

It can go as close as cm and allows you to really capture a lot of detail. Sony Xperia U macro sample. The Xperia U joins a long list of tested devices in our photo comparison tool. The Sony Xperia U captures p video at 30 fps. Despite its dual-core CPU p remained out of reach.

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The camcorder has similar settings to the still camera, including focus mode, metering, exposure value, image stabilization and so on. The layout of the shortcuts can be customized here, too.

Design and build quality

The Xperia U camcorder features continuous autofocus. It may take a few seconds to refocus after you re-frame but that's better than repeating attempts to lock focus that may ruin a video. In fast-paced videos the continuous focusing could get a little hectic and focus every second or two, but you can turn the setting off. The Xperia U's videos are smooth for the most part with stutter occuring very rarely.

Coming out with bitrate of around 6. All in all, the Xperia U could be a good enough replacement of your digicam on trips.

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Check out the video sample below. If you want to look closer at the video quality, you can download this untouched sample p 30fps , taken straight off the device. I found its matte plastic back quite slippery to the touch. The phone's dinky dimensions do mean you can easily wrap your mitts around it though, so only real butterfingers should have to worry about dropping it.

Being small, the U is relatively lightweight although it does have more heft g than you might expect for a phone of this diddy size.

Sony Xperia U

And while it's not the thinnest phone in smart phone town, it doesn't look or feel too chunky. Build quality is not super-premium -- it's more plasticky than classy. Squeeze the U around the middle and it will creak. But since you can remove the backplate to get at the battery, that's not a huge surprise. If you're keen on the white model, be aware the plastic easily picks up dirt so it quickly starts looking grubby. Also on board are Sony's xLoud and 3D surround sound technologies. The phone's rear speaker can pump out noise fairly loudly but audio quality isn't as rich as the Xperia P or S.

To my ear it had a distinctly flat and tinny quality.

Internal memory is 8GB but only 4GB of that is up for grabs to house your photos and apps. There's no microSD card slot for expanding the U's digital shelves so if you want to load on lots of video and music, you'd be better off with a phone with more roomy storage. Ports wise, there's a 3. Crack off the back of the phone and you'll find a SIM slot in the side and, above that, a removable battery.

Sony Xperia U review: Still camera and image quality, video camera and quality

The Xperia U has three physical keys housed along its right-hand edge -- the power key, a volume rocker and a dedicated camera button. The latter is a nice addition on a phone of this price. I found all these keys a little low lying and spongy, especially the camera key. You have to squeeze pretty hard to fire off a shot. Push down hard and the glass will flex to touch the surface of the display, producing an oily sheen and discoloured patches of pixels.

This sort of flex is unsightly but it's also typical of cheaper phone screens.

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  5. The U's display is 3. However, the U's panel is narrower than the iPhone screen and it definitely feels much more cramped for typing. There's also not enough space to properly enjoy browsing full desktop versions of websites, making it best suited to eyeballing apps and mobile sites.

    The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for