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Im so glad to be a student of the world-renowned retoucher. Thank you so much Pratik! This is definitely going to take my editing to the next level I've purchased several other retouching tutorials by other togs and while they each taught me something valuable, I haven't seen a series like this that leads you by the virtual hand from the very beginning the hardest part is knowing where to start , to tackling some of the most common issues in photos hard lines, clothing wrinkles, fly-aways, and more.

Pratik offers some incredible tips on how NOT to get in that retouch-jumble of working on everything at once and ways to help you stay on track. I love the actions provided, especially the "retouching setup" which sets up your initial "game plan" layers with adjustment layers, masks, curves, etc Pratik makes it so simple and uses some really innovative ways of getting things done dodge and burn without the actual dodge and burn tools for example.

Color correction and evening skin-tone was a big problem for me -- not after this series! My retouching looks times better after watching only a few tutorials from this series!

Best money I ever spent on retouching education! So easy to understand. Patrik is a great teacher and is one of the best retouchers out there. There is saying that goes something like, "You don't know what you don't know; until you know what you don't know. Praitk breaks everything down, makes it easy to understand. And the actions provided save you a boat load of time. Worth the investment. However, I must say it was a wise decision Pratik explains every change, starts at the beginning every time and I feel confident that I have more controlled editing that maintains texture and beauty.

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. I am on cloud 9! Cloud 10 is just around the next corner. I've learned more in just the Retouching Fundamentals, than I did in the other 4 classes combined Those classes you only had 1 yr access to the materials and with Praitk's classes I can download them and watch a section when I need that particular subject.

Mind B. Buy his class NOW! You won't regret it! There were somethings that I knew already, but you gave me plenty of tips and tricks and that has expanded my knowledge. Thank you for being informative, clear, and for giving us such and easy to understand course. This will definitely be a big help for people just starting out with retouching!

But there must be a chapter on basic processing of RAW images. Teaching is concise,clear and easy to understand. Would I recommend this course But I'm missing one thing in particular, goose bumps! Tried harsh skin texture technique but didn't work, maybe Ill submit the image so Pratik can work it out and show us all. But overall amazing and incisive videos! I could not be more satisfied with this series. Pratik's teaching style kept me engaged and the videos are short enough that I can get through them and still continue to work. Thank you so much for creating this series.

It is definitely worth every penny!!! Also i cant download videos to my computer as id like to be able to watch it when i am not online too. I have NEVER had such an easy time understanding how best to edit portraits than with going through your videos. I have struggled over the years and HACKED up my own ways of doing things but never could feel like I "knew what I was doing" and "hoped the clients don't see how bad the edits really are! My editing has jumped levels and levels higher in the last few days of going through your videos. The Actions that are included are phenomenal This has made my confidence jump a thousand fold!!!!

Pratik has provided such a great body of work that everyone can find beneficial. Can't wait to finish watching them all! Highly recommend: I am on the tutorial for healing, spot healing and patch tools, along the top menu bar there is no aligned sample drop down menu and I was wondering how to have it visible. I am currently setting up my Intuos Pro M which has 8 buttons on the left side and I was wondering what you would suggest I use the 2 extra buttons for.

Pratik's teaching style is engaging, and at the same time simple and easy to follow. He provides step-by-step instruction on how to deal with each and every issue I come up against when retouching portraits. His approach is easy to follow and, more importantly, to understand. At last I know what to do when I'm retouching and why. My retouching has improved exponentially since watching Pratik's videos.

I highly recommend this course. Pratik is such a fabulous teacher. Thank you. I wonder if anyone could help me. I downloaded the actions and the worked perfectly. I must have done something and all the actions become ungrouped and lost their color coding. Any advice? I am learning a lot from the videos. And thank you for the workshop at Sue's! Looks great. Is the file of the woman that Pratik is retouching in a demo that can be watch for free included when you buy the class. It will be helpful for me to learn using this photo. One other question. When will the retouching videos be available to download?

I was in the middle of editing images for a client when this was released. I picked it up and I decided to re-edit the images with some of the techniques in these videos. There was so much improvement in the images, I could not believe it! I would recommend this series to anyone that wants to step up their retouching game. Pratik is an "empowering" teacher. He doesn't hold anything back, he gives you all the tools and the methodology to use them. The difference between good and great images?

The edit. I will never have to take another retouching course. Pratik covers elements that are problematic but that many others who attempt to teach retouching often leave out. This series is just the right pace allowing you to work on the download while Pratik teaches. I absolutely love that "The Fundamentals of Retouching" was included before diving in. I recommend that everyone who purchases the series watch the fundamentals video no matter where you are as a retoucher. Thank you again to all involved in making this series.

Thank you again. I love this series. I just watching the introduction video and purchased the class but its first time I am so excited about all thing: I watched the first one and I am very excited to learn as mucha s I can about retouching! How do I download the videos? I can see the PSD downloads, but not the actual download links to the videos. Love your teaching style Pratik. Learned an awful lot. This is going to help me advance more quickly. Also great. I can't thank you enough. He shares a lot of knowledge, understandable for different kind of levels.

Happy with it. I find myself engaged with his way of teaching and have used his techniques for years. I am always in line to buy anything Pratik puts out because I know it is quality education. What's new? Check here to start a new keyword search. Watson Product Search Search.

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To say the least, the designing accomplices went to good schools. In the past, they admit to having been lost at times, whether it was in making compromises, or in seeking to please the masses. But those days are gone. What was the turning point? We realized that elegance and luxury were really at the heart of our designing DNA. It features dresses and skirts boasting impressive. As for the topic of love? Their creative process is like a long, tranquil river? The question seems to amuse the duo. The response, unanimous: And therein lies the beauty of creating as two!

As such, better than a long, tranquil river, the analogy is best described as a turquoise sea: Page de gauche: Veste en cuir gris M Chapeau M En bas: Bottes DR. Manteau M Mannequin, Mira Bouchard chez Montage. The twohour process takes place in a girly salon that Lauren Kurtz likens to a cupcake shoppe. She uses premium, synthetic mink lashes in a variety of curls to create the most natural shape and weight. The ultramodern WAXED glows with soft, white, underlit counters, leather banquettes and a candy wall for a posttreatment snack. Michele and Inna, the owners, perfectly complement each other.

Besides offering the most thorough, long-lasting Brazilian wax in recent memory, they aslo have a bikini brush for a pre-shower exfoliation to combat ingrown hairs as well as heated lash curlers from Japan — Inna tells me the manual ones kink your lashes. Besides excellent, ultra-quick wax services, they also offer makeup applications and Botox.

A great place for a quick downtown pick-me-up. Correlating with its 85th anniversary as well as its most iconic customer, the Institute will be showcasing a very rare collection of Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia in-house free of charge and open to the public , until the end of December. There is no better time to join the well-groomed set with this new and extensive collection to help define, fill and shape. Available January 3rd. Cross ring ALDO. Blush in Unconventional M. Mineralized blush in Alpine Bronze M.

Hat, stylist own. Models, Ran at Dulcedo and Maya at Folio.

Stylist assistant, Daniel Bruno Frerreira. Blush in Passionately Tempted M. Rosa Centifolia: Rosa Gallica: Rosa Canina: Chanel body cream. Sumptuous with traces of light floral scents of rose and iris, the two classic notes of Chanel perfumes. It also enhances any Chanel exclusive perfume. Available at Chanel boutiques. Joe Malone is known for her colognes. Many of the best loved fragrances are available in bath oil and body creams.

The rose scented bath oil relieves stress and calms nerves.

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Chloe, body cream. With its main note of Bulgarian rose absolute, the cream captures the modern rose, romantic and beautiful. Rose oil is almost identical to the natural oils the skin produces. Use over moisturizer to help seal in moisture and to repair and to heal dehydrated skin, at Sephora. We looked helplessly at the sea of lotions, bath bombs, q-tips and other beauty paraphernalia. I reflexively ran a hand through my hair and realized the egg-yolk mask had hardened in my hair and the milk was starting to sour.

That was last year. I was determined that this year would be different. It happens to everyone — temperatures drop and our propensity to forage for food and entertainment decreases, never mind our motivation to pamper ourselves. When was the last time you did a good body scrub?

Time to DIY spa. So, I reached out to an expert to get some input. Confusing I know. After looking back, I realize it was my lack of preparation that was my downfall. I take a moment to map out my beauty schedule. I had unwisely chosen to put egg in my hair before stepping into a steaming hot shower to rinse off my mud mask egg yolks are significantly less nourishing if you cook them into your hair cuticle. The longest treatments tend to be hair masks. Take a moment to brush out your hair and saturate it with the product.

After that, start on your face. For mature skin or problem skin, exfoliat-. Either way, both should help brighten and smooth your complexion. Be sure to follow with an alcohol-free toner to help restore the pH of your skin. My favourite part of a DIY facial has to be the masks. Unlike a regular skincare routine where I jump from toner to moisture, a spa day means I take a few minutes between these steps to apply a mask. Next, follow with a hydrating mask. The next 20 minutes are up to you, take this time to sip a detoxifying tea and do absolutely nothing. It is the holidays, after all.

At the end of the day, proper skincare is a habit, as with brushing your teeth. Pampering comes initially, when we take the time to properly educate ourselves about the way our skin, body and mind react to regular care. Everyone deserves a sanctuary — do your research, make one at home, and love yourself.

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Ole Henriksen started mixing his naturallybased formulas in the mid-seventies in his kitchen, and selling them to local Beverly Hills spas. Keeping with his all-natural philosophy, his products are infused with botanicals. The 3 part peel combines a physical exfoliator, a chemical peel and you finish with a moisturizing, calming cream. All perform superbly, and leave your skin glowing.

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At Sephora. They have their own lines, their own philosophy and they also have a cult following of stars and everyday people that swear by their products and expertise. Kate Somerville has been working for 20 years as a skin specialist at her medi-skin Clinic. After gathering much experience with her celebrity clients Jessica Alba and Paris Hilton, to name a few , she decided to put her knowledge into a skincare line. Her star product has to be Exfolikate. A blend of salicylic acid and fruit enzymes, to clean pores, as well as to exfoliate, giving skin a radiant glow.

With her less-is-more philosophy, Eve Lom designed her world famous cleanser to be multi-tasking. Containing essential oils such as clove antiseptic , chamomile calming , eucalyptus detoxifying. The cleansing ritual is also spa-worthy you can find all the step on the Website , and encourages you take the time to take cleanse your skin, as well as to exfoliate thanks to the muslin cloth —all with one product. At Murale. Based on a formulation developed by her husband, Dr.

Paul Herzog, Karin put the formula in every skincare product in the line. The formula binds oxygen and keeps it in a liquid state. The oxygenation kills bacteria and stimulates skin. Not to mention: Kate Middleton is a big fan of the Swiss-based brand. To be applied generously then, let dry, and peel-off. Murad offers dermatological grade solutions for skin problems. Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete, helps to restore a youthful appearance to the fragile area, by mimizing texture, reducing spots and boosting collagen production, at Sephora.

Products that clear and brighten skin. The Swiss company Luzern, has taken great efforts to remove many controversial chemicals from their spa-exclusive line. Margaret Dabbs is a pedicure and foot specialist. She developed her own line of foot products so you can pamper your feet at home. This relaxing foot soak is formulated with rich emu oil to condition dry skin. For even more hydration, use the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil. Keep your cuticles and your nails well hydrated. Massage a tiny amount of the thick cream every night before going to bed.

An intense mask great for reviving dry strands. At Holt Renfrew. I tested out the brush only on one side my maturing skin for two months on daily basis, while cleansing the other side with fingers only. Does it work? Yes, it does! It did improve the texture, and made my skin smoother, thanks to its exfoliating action. Available at Holt Renfrew and Sephora. Brings an instant gourmet factor to your cleansing ritual with comforting scents of indulgent sweets.

Strivectin uses delivery molecules to infuse vitamin B deep into the epidermis. The potent vitamin helps to plump and tighten skin while diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and reduces sagging skin. Available at Murale, The Bay and Sephora. Tiny jojoba beads exfoliate, while glycolic acid helps to melt away dead skin cells. The formula can be used on the body as well as on the face. Philip B, is a L. Body Shop has the most amazing fragrances for its Body Butters. The holiday edition of the rich and creamy formula is scented with a decadent vanilla, with green and peppery overtones.

There is also a tart and sweet cranberry version. Made with sugar, grape extracts and honey, this spa worthy scrub will get your legs, or body, super smooth. It drains, softens, and nourishes the skin as it delivers moisture and exfoliates. Yonka is a spa care brand known for its use of aromatherapy and essential oils in all of its skincare products.

A relaxing and soothing bath oil, it also helps to moisturize skin. Sweet, caressing and intoxicating—use wisely! It combines citrus, rose, incense, and patchouli, taking us to the heart of the City of Bridges and its canals illuminated by baroque palaces. Truly bewitching! Valentina Assoluto. Warm, heady and creamy. A potion of jasmine and tuberose with an oriental touch. An impressionistic rendering of a flower market.

Light strokes of tuberose dominate at first, and vanish, leaving the freesia and notes of watery jasmine and rose. Available only through thebay. Candy, Prada.

Logiciels de Retouche & Restauration Photos

Musk and amber are the backbones of Prada fragrances. In Candy they play up a cashmeran note, comforting and sensual. Skin lingerie, inspired by cosmetic fragrances and their powdery scent. La Petite Robe Noire, Guerlain. Fruity and bubbly notes sparkle like champagne with a hint of a sweet cherry.

More red than black, it strikes a perfect balance between sugary and fruity. Dhalia Noir, Givenchy. Rose water, pink pepper, peach and light woods. Coco Noir, Chanel. Smokysweet incense notes with an overdose of patchouli are seductive and sophisticated. This Juliette, is she inspired by the Shakespearean heroine? Romano Ricci RR: I work with a small team. We work hard, but in liberty and humor.

Exactly the opposite way that big perfume groups work. So this Juliette reveals herself as Miss Charming or Lady Vengeance, two of your fragrances under more evocative name? Depending on the time of day or night the perfume you choose can change your personality. To come back to those two fragrances, I got Francis Kurkdjian, the biggest perfumer at present, to create varying smells around roses, which in essence is the flower of romanticism and richness.

Meanwhile, Miss Charming is fruitier, made with Moroccan rose, musk, and wild fruits.

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Is perfume a tool of seduction? Perfume gives you the chance to define yourself in a certain space, to be fatal or more discreet, and as always, to be romantic, modern, and a bit wild. To each woman, and for each woman, there is a Juliette in my line. Available at Holt Renfrew www. I work with a handful of perfumers, the most talented in the world, like Maurice Roucel, Dominique Ropion, Sophia Grosjman, Jean-Claude Ellena, and I give them free range, without any price, style, or target constraints to create whatever they like.

Overall, I work in the exact opposite way as the big houses do. In search of the highest luxury, Malle pushes perfumers to center stage, when usually their name is most often an after thought. It has that fatal touch of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the men fall in love. Is perfume inseparable from love? Without a doubt. I love to test the fragrances on my wife and smell the notes evolve over the course of a few hours. For me, her skin is the perfect barometer.

Available at Holt Renfrew. Matte and red rose coloured lips, with the right accents of shimmering textures to keep the look from going too gothic. Darkly romantic. High impact colour with a velvety finish. Available in January. It has been twenty years since controversial Calvin Klein ads launched a waifish and teenage Kate Moss to supermodel status. A true chameleon, she is just as breathtaking in a full face of glamorous makeup as she is stripped down and natural.

He braided the hair and secured it in a low pony. He tucked the end of the braid up and underneath itself while fixing it with bobby pins. Having parted the top of the head into a large V, before creating the updo, he then molded and drew individual strands down the back to give a woven appearance, and framing the folded braid. Jean Paul Gaultier fall winter The contrasting pairing of disheveled coifs with refined garments has evolved into something of a runway and editorial staple.

Overlapping zigzags were seen on the Creatures of the Wind runway, while Rodarte took it a step further for SS and infused a diagonal aesthetic starting just above the ear and continuing to the crown. To achieve this look: Divide as necessary and polish with something like Sebastian Halo mist for a smoothed and shiny effect and pin lightly for natural and buoyant chunks.