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Temple Run 2 VS Subway Surfers iPad Gameplay for Children HD #87

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Join the Unity Advisory Panel. Improve your Unity skills with a certified instructor in a private, interactive classroom. Watch the overview now. Provide feedback Nov 16, Posts: Hi all, I submitted my app for review on IOS through iTunes Connect recently and they sent me a question regarding my store.

Sync Temple Run Progress from One Samsung Galaxy to Another

I noticed games like Temple Run 2 for example, somehow save data even if the app is deleted and reinstalled. Is this what they are referring to with this question? If so, how do I achieve this? I am currently using data serialization to save my data but it doesn't keep the data after the app has been deleted and reinstalled.

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This is unrelated, but my app listing in Google Play has " Beta " after the title, yet is a production build. How to I remove this?

Thanks in advance! Attached Files: Screen Shot at 1. Jun 16, Posts: Are your coin IAPs consumable products?

How to transfer app and game data between iOS devices - Pocket-lint

If so then that's a strange thing for them to ask because loads of games allow purchasing in game items with consumable currency without any restore. In my experience restore is only needed for non-consumables.

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Aug 12, Posts: For example, if I buy a bundle of coins for cash. This is a consumable product and will not be restored. However, if I buy a map for cash, then I have to be able to restore the map. Now, the other area is what happens if I buy coins consumable and then use the coins to unlock a map non-consumable.

Imangi Studios adds cloud syncing, Easter updates to Temple Run 2

I believe for iOS this still has to be restored. For jailbreakers, backing up data is essential. Through the magic of SSH , you can save your iOS game data on your computer in the event that you have to restore. You will be greeted by a blank window with a circular arrow at the bottom left corner and an info icon at the bottom right corner.

AppLinks will create a list of all of your currently installed apps in the blank window.

Why is Temple Run not available for my device?

Once you are done, feel free to restore and wipe your iPhone clean. That means that the game has its files saved in a different path. Let us know in the comments if this tutorial worked for you.