Ios 7 call history limit

The Intercept and Forbes found out that Apple stores this log on its servers for up to four months and law enforcement could take advantage of it. Apple wants you to be able to browse your missed calls on multiple devices.

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As soon as you activate iCloud, your iPhone will start uploading this log. Even if you disable everything calendars, contacts, etc. So it means that the FBI could ask for this data, and Apple is able to comply.

Set the default settings for incoming calls on your iPhone

But there are still a couple of issues. First, four months seem like quite a long time for a call history. Many features are quite obvious thanks to settings toggles. We offen see such kind of query online and subsequently, thoroughly research on it.

1. Can You Increase iPhone Call Log History?

Hence, we would like to write this post and address this query to make you informed about whether you can increase iPhone call log history or not. Well, unfortunately the answer to the question if you can increase iPhone call log history is negative.

Blocking a call on Android devices

By default, iPhone keeps a record of your call log history of up to entries and is restricted to that limit only. There's no other way to extend iPhone call log history to any other specified limit. We understand that this might not be a good news for you but you can still suggest Apple about the new feature to increase iPhone call log history by visiting Apple feedback page. And who knows, Apple may consider it as an essential element and launch a new update with the functionality to extend iPhone call log history limit.

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  • Furthermore, don't get disheartened. We've always got your back with a Plan B workaround that will certainly help you to see and download more iPhone call log history. Here we would like to bring your attention to an alternate Plan B workaround, which is to make use of a powerful tool, iMyFone D-Back , if you wish to see and download more call log history. With the help of iMyFone D-Back you can easily and efficiently retrieve more iPhone call log history because iPhone just doesn't show the call history entries which are still on your device.

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    The tool is extremely reliable and has been trusted by millions of users all around the world. More features are shown below:. Let's start from downloading iMyFone D-Back from official website and then follow the steps below to see more of your call log history although you cannot extend call log on your iPhone. Now, select 'Recover from iOS Device' mode from left menu panel.

    How long does iPhone call history store and how to track old call history?

    Hit the 'Start' button to initiate the process. You'll now be asked to select the data types that you wish to recover.

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    Select 'Call History' in this case and hit 'Scan' button thereafter.