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Using the Equipment Identity Register EIR , a cell phone network operator can blacklist the stolen phone from using their network. The cell phone service provider can also help you to locate where your phone is if the phone does transmit an active signal to their nearest cell tower. However, a disclaimer here is that not all countries and cell phone network service provider will help you to do the blacklisting and also to track your phone using the IMEI method.

It needs a clear government policy of allowing this to happen in certain countries. So, that brings us the last option. Another method that has grown popular over the last few years are the establishment of a national database for stolen goods and properties. The way this database works is that if you submit your IMEI number there and report it as stolen or lost, the database will keep your data as a record.

If someone naively did buy your stolen phone from the thief and checked the IMEI number in the database, it will instantly alert the buyer that the phone was stolen property.

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Some of the database in certain countries also link this to the police database so that law enforcement can immediately act on it. Here is some example in certain countries where this database have been developed to help customers retrieve back their phone using IMEI number. You can check their website here. You can submit your IMEI number there, and if someone did buy your stolen phone and check it in the database, the law enforcement could immediately investigate it.

If you are in the United Kingdom, similar services like this are the Immobilise website.

The database has been there for a while, and the services do not limit to cell phone recovery only but also to all stolen goods and property. So, there you have it. A step by step guide on how you can track your phone using the IMEI number. Please leave us a comment if you think this article might have been useful for you and can help you trace your lost phone. Read also our previous article on the ultimate guide on how to track your lost phone.

So, you thought it would never happen to you. You just got your phone stolen. For most people, their phone is considered one of their most precious possession. The phone is kept with them all the time. So, the thought of their phone got stolen is very far away from their mind. However, misfortunes do sometimes happen in life.

Also, when they do, it is vital that you know what to do precisely so that you can lessen trouble. In the case of a stolen phone, you can track your phone back or minimise the lost. Step 1 Go to this website https: You then need to enter your Apple ID there to use the function. However, this is optional. If you manage to track your stolen phone location, never try to retrieve it on your own. By extracting it your own, it may put you in a dangerous situation.

Please select your country and Enter your Mobile/IMEI Number below:

Report it to the authorities and let the police do the retrieving of the phone. However, the police might want some details on the phone so that they will know which phone is the one that is stolen. The features of the phone that you can include in the report are 1. IMEI number 2.

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ICCID number 3. Colour of your phone 5. When do you last have your phone 6. They can block the phone from using the cell phone network.

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This way, you would not be billed for any unauthorised use of your cellular data. However, if you know that your phone got stolen you do not want to track it, you can erase your phone immediately. This is important if you do not wish to your sensitive data such as pictures and notes in your iPhone to be used by unwanted personnel. When you have erased your iPhone, the activation lock is still there until you can retrieve back your phone.

However, you will not be able to locate it using Find iPhone once you have erased it. There can actually be several reasons for this. While there may be many of them, we will try walking you through some of the seemingly most common ones below. What is the next step that you need to do as soon as you tracked your mobile location can be bit confusing.

But here are your immediate steps 1.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is lost or stolen

Catch hold of theif who has stole your phone and handle him to nearest police station 2. Submit to the service centre to restore your factory settings of mobile 4. But most of the countries donot have any severe punishments for this act, Most common laws punish with a mediocre fine amount that would not cause any trouble. Technology like this used to be very complex and hard to use for the average person. Not anymore!

Much easier. There is an inexpensive app you can use that automatically and secretly connects to the phone that will detect and extract the IMEI number of the cell phone simply by entering the telephone number of the device into the app. After the remote connection is established, the app will collect data such as text messages, call data, photos, videos Facebook messages and a lot more.

It will also use the IMEI number of the phone to track its location as long as the app remains connected to the device. The location of your IMEI number may differ depending on the mobile device you have. Check the back of your cell phone for the IMEI tracking number.


It would be wise to contact the police if your smartphone has been stolen. Provide them with your phone IMEI number, and then they should be able to track it down for you. There are plenty of mobile phone IMEI tracking applications you can use to locate your device.

With most of these apps, you just enter your IMEI number and it can find your device. Knowing your IMEI number can definitely help when your smartphone is lost or stolen. Make sure to read our other blogs about GPS tracking on Safeguarde!

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